Who we are


Dr John N. Chacha is the Founder and Executive Director of Teamwork Ministries, Inc. and Teamwork Bible College International based in Martinsville, Virginia. He believes that the number one need in the Body of Christ is global-minded Christian leaders. It is great leaders who influence society, bring about reformation and chart the course of history. His mission is to train and equip Christian leaders around the world who will make disciples for Christ. Dr. Chacha is a popular, dynamic and sought after speaker. He is a true missionary to the world. His ministry trains and sends out short term missionaries to different parts of the world. On many occasions the Lord has used Dr. Chacha in the prophetic ministry, healing and deliverance. He is internationally recognized by many as a spiritual father and an apostle to the Body of Christ.

In 1984 Dr Paul Lutchman started “Christian Revival Centre.” Worship Services Starting in a school hall, the attendance grew phenomenally. Land was purchased and a thousand seater tent was erected. The hand of the Lord was upon him as the founder of Christian Revival Centre, and he planted churches in the Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Lesotho and the Indian Ocean Islands. Dr Paul was elected as President, and God blessed his ministry and leadership. Today he oversees 80 assemblies with an amassed congregation of 40 000 people. He Christian motivational speaker who has ministered in Africa, America, Europe and the Indian Ocean Islands at  conventions and churches. His powerful ministry is in constant demand. Dr Paul Lutchman pastors the main church in Chatsworth, seating 3000 people. There are two Sunday morning services with 4000 members attending. Apart from the normal administration there are three Pastors assisting him and six Missionaries. Dr Paul Lutchman is the Vice Chancellor and President of Teamwork Bible College South Africa.

Pastor Sigamoney Gopaul, a retired company manager had a passion to evangelizethe prison with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His mission was to provide Christian education to hardened and seasoned criminals so that they could be rehabilitated and released into society. Several Inmates upon their release from prison are now involved in full time ministry. They are also motivating other persons to refrain from their criminal activities and lead a Christ like life.

His initiative has spread to other prisons such as Pietermaritzburg and Benoni whereby satellite schools have been established. He has found favour with the prison officials gaining recognition for his enthusiasm. Apart from being the Principal of the Prison Satellite School, he also a lecturer an a iterant preacher whenever circumstances permit. He is in possession of a Bachelor of Theology Degree which he had obtained at the age of 70 years.