Certificate Programme – YEAR ONE

This program is designed for the individual who desires a basic understanding of Biblical truths thereby leading to the introduction of theological understanding. Students who complete this programme may thereafter proceed to the second level.

Requirements: The Learner is required to complete the prescribed 10 courses with all assignments and any additional work that maybe requested.

Outcomes: The student will be able to demonstrate his/ her understanding of the fundamental truths.


Enrollment: TBA

Course Fee: TBA

Graduation: TBA




Spiritual Fundamentals
Spiritual Gifts
Old Testament Studies 1
Kingdom Dynamics
Authority of the Believer
Knowing God’s Will
Excellence in Ministry
Armour Bearer
Servant leadership
Prayer and Fasting
New Testament Ministries
Foundations for Christian Living
Mastering Spiritual Gifts
Journey thro the Old Testament 100
Kingdom Principles
Authority of the Believer
Becoming a Person of God Uses
Becoming a Person of Excellence
Becoming God’s Armour Bearer
Attitude of a Servant
Moving Mountains Through Prayer
Mastering New Testament Ministries

Payment Details

It is important to forward a copy of the deposit slip to the College at Chatsworth by fax. Please include the name of your school student number/ your name as per ID document clearly written. Ensure that the faxed deposit slips are legible. Your school account will only be credited once monies are verified by our accounts department. Principals will be held accountable to ensure that TBCFN receives its full payment.

Banking details:

Bank:                             Nedbank
Branch:                          Chatsworth, Durban
Branch code:                132226
Account name:              Teamwork-Bible-College
Account number:           1322 013020
Reference:                     (Your centre name or your name)
Amount:                         (Amount of your deposit)

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